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Hey there!

I cannot even begin to tell you how many “updates on the McMays” we have started writing and just never finished or posted. We are bad bloggers who hope to fix this….

Well, here we are with a new update. FINALLY!!! Don’t you worry, we plan to do this more often. We know lots of you are dying to hear about our adventures…and boy do we have them to share! We can’t wait to share them, just trying to figure out the best way! Tell us in the comments, do you prefer Video Logs (Vlogging), Blog Posts, Instragram (Instagram Stories, Posts, or IGTV?),  Facebook Live Videos or a combination of all the above? 

So…What exactly have we been up to?

Well, we have been living together for almost two years now (two years  in November-ish) We get A LOT of questions and comments from followers who want to know- “HOW’S IT GOING?” 

So, it’s about time we tell you how things have been going! 


Things are still going splendidly well! We honestly LOVE each other, our living arrangement, our house, our neighbors, our location, everything really….For those of you who don’t follow us on social media (why not???) This is not saying that we don’t have our struggles. I have a blog post planned for our struggles (to keep it real with you!) but we honestly try not to focus on the negatives….We recently announced that we have put our house on the market, bought an RV and plan to live in the RV full time….ALL OF US…..ONE RV……350ish square feet…..I can hear it now…you’re asking, ” 

You love your house….So why move?”

Well, we decided to sell our nearly 3,000 square foot house, bought a fifth wheel trailer and plan to downsize to get back to the basics of what really matters to us: our family and relationships. We went into this crazy McMay cohabitation adventure with that at the root of our decisions, too. We wanted to get back to what matters, spend more time with the people with love and truly enjoy being around. And turns out, 3,000 square feet of cleaning, laundry, toys, etc just doesn’t lend well to being able to DO as much as we would like. I, Michala, find myself telling the kids way too often “sorry, we can’t go to the museum because we have XXXXXXX to do. Maybe next week.” So how is the RV going to be different? Well, it’s about 10% of the size of our current house so WAAAAY less to clean. We’re also getting rid of about 90% of our stuff so there is less to keep up with. We also plan to spend a lot more time outside-  eating dinner, riding bikes, at the year round pool, etc. We also plan to spend the first year or so buckling down to get finances in tip-top shape, pay off student loans, buy a truck to pull our RV, and a few other things. 



WHYYYYYYYY are we doing this??? 

Well, here’s the thing…there are three main motivating factors:



  1. Simplifying Life (Sheri’s and Michala’s motivating factor)
  2. Financial (Evan’s motivation)
  3. and ultimately, Freedom from societal constraints and financial burdens (Everyone’s goal)



Our goal is to simplify life to free up finances so that we can live a life free from societal constraints. <I think I just created our mission statement here! 



What this means is: 

stop buying and spending money on the crap we don’t need so that we can have more to pay off student loans, save more money to have a larger safety net and pay cash for things like cars and our kids’ college, and to be able to have the freedom to travel and do the things that truly make us happy. 



None of us have felt truly settled since we moved.

We thought once we moved things would slow down…but they haven’t. It’s been a constant cycle of Wake up, make breakfast, everyone goes to work, feed kids, clean up after kids, entertain kids, try to clean house while kids play, make lunch, clean up messes kids made while you were cleaning, clean up new messes kids made while you were cleaning up their other messes. Repeat those last two steps for the remainder of the day until it’s time to cook dinner, baths, bed (eventually if they ever wind down!) And on the weekends, we’ve been spending all of our free time doing projects at our house….and then the garage door broke. And Evan and Brent fixed it. And then it broke again. And then we looked around at the amount of money we could potentially dump into a house and thought “What the heck are we doing this for? 

We spend sooooooooooooo much time cleaning this house that’s never clean. The kids have WAY TOO MUCH STUFF and they are overwhelmed with it all! We want to spend our weekends out doing fun things not cleaning up the crap we don’t really even need or care that much about.” We also noticed a completely over the top attachment to all material things in the little Miss and have been trying to break her of that. She literally wants to keep everything. The foam from Matius’ carseat ripped and I went to throw it away and ended up finding it in her room….she wanted to make squishies out of it. It just got to be too much. We have been placing value on a lot of material things and we want our kids to learn to enjoy the world around them and not be so focused on the materialistics.

Well, I tend to be a bit wordy so I will wrap this up, I just I wanted to clarify this for y’all! 


Instant Pot Whole 30 Cabbage and Meatballs

Hey y’all…. long time no post!!! I really do love blogging and need to be better about it. And, well, since I’ll be staying home, maybe I will be able to make more of a habit of it!!!! What would you like to see here? I know an update on our family is very much in order and I am working on that one as well! Stay tuned!

So yesterday, I posted to Facebook about 5lbs of whole 30 mashed potatoes that I had made in my Instant Pot. I made these potatoes to go with one of my favorite childhood dishes, cabbage and meatballs. I guess it’s one of those recipes that’s been passed down for years. It’s super duper simple and very tasty. I made a few modifications of my own to make it my own recipe. 🙂

I was too excited to post about this (and I have been MIA from the blog for a LONG LONG WHILE) so the photos are not so hot. I’ll make these again and take some better photos! 🙂

If you don’t have an Instant Pot (WHY NOT?!) you NEEEEEED one. I finally convinced my hubby that I would use it A LOT so he let me get one. I use it nearly every day….it’s amazing. And currently, I am doing a Whole30 and feel like I live in my kitchen. The added time savings I get from using my Instant Pot make it a little easier, so it really is a must have, at least in this house!

So like I said before, I serve these babies with mashed potatoes. The tomato gravy that it makes is super yummy with the potatoes.I’ll post the recipe for the Whole 30 mashed potatoes in a bit.

Alrighty….so first thing is first. for the meatballs, I used this AMAZING seasoning I stumbled upon through the Whole30 groups. It’s called MAGIC MUSHROOM POWDER….and it is EXACTLY that. Magical. It. is. so. good. on. EVERYTHING. NomNomPaleo is the creator of said tasty powder. I didn’t have access to dried porcini mushrooms that she calls for in the recipe so I used Shitake and it’s just as good, IMO.

Comfort Food- Cabbage and Meatballs in the Instant Pot
What you Need: What you do:
6 Qt Instant Pot 1.       Combine beef, flour, flax, cauliflower, egg, MM Powder, and onion in a bowl.
2 lb Ground Beef (I used 80/20) 2.       Knead until thoroughly mixed.
1/4 cup almond flour
1/4 Flax meal
3.       Form meatballs into about 1/4 lb portions. You should get about 8 meatballs from 2 lbs of meat. You want them to be bigger because then they don’t dry out.
1 cup Cauliflower Rice 4.       brown meatballs on all sides using the saute feature on the Instant Pot (IP) Leave them in the pot
1 Egg 5.       cut the 1/2 head of cabbage into quarters and place on top of meatballs
2 tbls Magic Mushroom Powder (NomNomPaleo’s Recipe) 6.       pour tomato sauce and diced tomatoes on top and top with salt and pepper
1 small white onion 7.       Close and seal the IP
1/2 head of white cabbage 8.       Press Manual, low pressure, for 20 minutes
1 small can of tomato sauce 9.       Do a quick release on the IP to let out the pressure and check the doneness of your cabbage. It should be soft.
1-16oz can of diced tomatoes 10.     Serve with Whole30 Mashed Potatoes.
salt and pepper to taste 11.      I usually serve one meatball as a serving.
12.     DIG IN and ENJOY!!!!!

These are pretty “bland” (as my dad says) by themselves….the potatoes really step up the flavor so I wouldn’t leave those out. Please leave me feedback and let me know how you liked it! Even the 10 year old picky eater ate the cabbage!!!

Thank you for following us and our family! We heart you!!!

Instant Pot Lasagna!

Hey hey hey folks! It’s been a long time since we blogged. I’ll be honest. We kind of lost momentum. We were burnt out. Moving really really drained us and all aspects of our life have been suffering. Also, I’m sure end of the year teacher anxieties, having a new baby, and trying to run a business all played a significant roll in a lot of that too…. So, in an effort to simplify, we’ve taken a step back from most things that weren’t necessary for survival…(blogging, cleaning (ha), LuLaRoe parties, etc)

I’m starting to feel better, a little more organized and on track so I thought I’d blog today! 🙂 I had a few people ask for a recipe after I posted a picture of the lasagna I made last night in my instant pot. YUMMMMMMMMM. Let me just tell you that I’ve made some pretty divine lasagnas before but this one seriously took the cake….and it was done in an hour…. SAY WHAAAAAAAAAA? You read that right, an hour from prep to cook, it was done. Y’all. The Instant Pot thing is real. If you don’t have one, WHY NOT?! It’s like a staple….like the crockpot. And if you get an IP, you will no longer have a need for the crockpot because it can do that, too! It’s about the closest thing to the Jetson’s kitchen that we have….

jetsons kitchen

Go get yourself one! I was not paid by IP to write this either….it seriously is worth every penny of the $99…I find myself trying to think of how I will use my IP for dinner if I’m not making the whole thing in it! The options are endless….ok enough about that. Let’s talk about my Lasagna….

Because I was rushing to get dinner on the table and I wasn’t really sure how it would turn out, I didn’t take pics of each step. I will come back and edit this blog at some point to show those, though. I really struggled with this also because there weren’t many posts on lasagna in the IP, especially ones that didn’t use a pan insert (spring form pan) or baking dish…which I don’t have one that fits in my IP so that was out of the question…. I was a bit nervous and wasn’t sure how long to cook, if I should add water, etc….The last time I tried making a dish and it told me to add water, it was too watery…so this was a lucky event for me! It turned out perfect. The noodles went in UNCOOKED and came out with the right amount of chewy doneness (they weren’t chewy but they weren’t mushy like a lot of lasagnas are…) Here she is:

IP Lasagna

Impossibly Easy Instant Pot Lasagna

What you Need: What you do:
6 Qt Instant Pot 1.       Cook Beef in a separate skillet (you can also use the IP on Saute but will have to remove the sauce once done cooking so you can assemble the lasagna…. I just cooked mine in a skillet)
1 lb Ground Beef 2.       Once beef is browned, add the zucchini and cook for about a minute. Add the Sauce and the canned tomatoes and reduce to a simmer while you work on the rest! I add about ½ cup of water to my pasta sauce jar, swirl it around and set it aside for later)
Jar of Pasta Sauce 3.       In a blender or food processor, blend the cottage cheese, parsley, and egg until smooth. Set aside until assembly of lasagna.
1 Can Diced Tomatoes 4.       Spray your IP with non-stick spray. In your IP, put about 1 cup of the pasta sauce mixture in the bottom and cover with UNCOOKED noodles. (TRUST ME HERE, DO NOT COOK YOUR NOODLES! They will come out fine! If you cook them, you will be sad because they will be soggy. Bleh.) You will have to break the noodles to fit!  I used three noodles per layer. You don’t want them to overlap too much or they won’t cook.
1 Zucchini, diced 5.       Add another cup of sauce on top of noodles and then another layer of noodles.
1/2 cup water 6.       Spread ½ of your cottage cheese mixture onto noodles and then top with ½ of the sliced mozzarella and 1/3 of the Italian blend cheese.
1 Box Lasagna Noodles 7.       Top cheese mixture with noodles and cover with sauce (about 1 cup).
1 Package Fresh Mozzarella (Sliced) 8.       Add more noodles and another cheese layer, top with noodles
1 Bag Italian Blend Cheese 9.       Always end with sauce. You should cover your last layer of noodles with the remaining sauce. This is also where I take the water I swooshed around in the pasta sauce jar and I pour it along the sides to get some extra cooking juices. You don’t want to add too much here (1/2 cup is plenty) because the diced tomatoes and zucchini will release water as they cook.
1-      160z container Cottage Cheese 10.   Turn your IP onto manual for 15 minutes, make sure the vent is set to SEALING, and LET ‘ER RIP!
1 teaspoon Parsley 11.   Do a natural pressure release for 5 minutes and then quick release. Add the remaining 1/3 of the Italian blend cheese, put the cover back on for another 3-5 minutes to allow the cheese to melt.
1 Egg 12.   DIG IN and ENJOY!!!!!

Below are the cheese’s I referred to. These are just my favorites to use.

Image result for fresh sliced mozzarella

Image result for heb italian blend cheese

Low‑moisture part‑skim mozzarella provolone, parmesan, asiago, fontina and romano shredded cheese.

Drop me a line and let us know how you liked it! I always love to hear your feedback!!!


Mrs. McMay


A McMay Update and Mrs. McMay’s Random Ramblings

Hey all! We have been behind on this little blog here. I know you are all chomping at the bit to hear more about how life is going.

We are just trucking along! We are moved in to our house now! Don’t ASK if everything is put away…if I wasn’t so embarrassed, I’d post a picture of our garage atm….it’s not ALL our fault though! The people we bought the house from didn’t clean out the attic above the garage…there was carpet and wallpaper left in there from the 70’s. Do you know what happens to wallpaper and carpet when it has been exposed to the elements for 40 years? IT CRUMBLES!!! We had a large mess.

Merging two households isn’t exactly easy because, well, you have two of everything. Two playrooms, two kitchens, two sets of just about everything. Trying to determine what to keep, what to pitch, and what to donate is tough!  I saw an idea on facebook that I REALLY liked. For an entire month, you get rid of the amount of items as the monthly date. So on March 1, you get rid of one item, on March 2, you get rid of two…so on and so forth. I want to try this. Quite frankly, we just have too much STUFF. It’s quite overwhelming.

You know what else is overwhelming? The amount of WASTE we create as a family. I really started to notice it when I began packing everyone’s lunches. We go through a box of 150 snack size bags…. A WEEK. Yes, A WEEK. That is a TON of waste! I am currently exploring alternatives as that is just not sustainable.

I found these REALLY cute little containers at Dollar Tree and I LOVE them. In an effort to be a bit healthier, we are packing our lunches. We have also cut out over-processed foods that Auryana was eating in her lunch (she swore she would only eat honey buns for a snack!) and have been trying to encourage healthier habits.  We are making great progress but she still comes home and tells us how much she disliked something! <I made Almond Strawberry Banana Milk based on a blog post I saw here. Yea, she hated it. Alas, we shall try again sometime- maybe not strawberry next time! But it sure was pretty! Anywho, back to the containers! I’m SO excited to share with you! I have a blog post planned to go in depth about my OBSESSION with the dollar store (Dollar Tree specifically) but I just couldn’t wait to share this!

So we have been using these for anything from raisins to salsa. I make a whole batch of blender salsa for the week and put it in these! They are FABULOUS!!! 10 of them for $1!!!! I bought a whole case of them I love them sooooo much! Super great for babyfood, too! Buy them here: Containers

This month has been a looooong short month! We’ve had some sick kiddos! And now Mr. and Mrs. are sick, too.

2017-02-04 09.40.00

We went to Sugarland to eat breakfast at this cute, tasty restaurant called Jupiters Pizza and Waffles (yummm)


^^^How cute are our kids?!  I know I am biased but….I mean come on now!

We checked out a new to us park that we hope to frequent this summer!!! Awesome exploration for the kiddos! Little Mr. was super tired and wasn’t feeling the park outing so he didn’t get any pictures taken.


Oh, and Matius LOVES to play dress up with Auryana but apparently when mom does it it’s far less than ok. 😛

Thanks for reading my Random Ramblings!

Hope you have a blessed day! Be back at ya soon with some fun stuff!




Home Renovation- the side no one shows you….

I’ve always heard people say that they would never LIVE through a home renovation again. I never really understood that until recently. I was all over here like “What’s the big deal? A few days worth of dust and not being able to use your stuff?” That’s no big deal!

This is how I feel about that today….


^I look like a train wreck because….well, read below!!!

So while DIY and home updates look fun, I’m here to tell you that they are anything but! They are well worth it in the end….but living it is another story

We are in the process of having our entire downstairs flooring redone. When we bought the house, it had carpet all throughout….Well, we have FOUR dogs. Carpet wasn’t going to fly. Mr. McMay and I had carpet in our house in Illinois and I spent every Sunday with my carpet cleaner because the dogs would pee on it…not cool. Literally, Riley would come in from outside and would pee. on. the. carpet. After that, I said no more…

On top of the flooring, it was in the inspection that all the faucets in all the bathrooms were leaking. That’s a fairly cheep inexpensive fix…. We bought faucets on black Friday for less than $25 each!   We got them home….and realized we had bought these:

Image result for delta faucets

And all of our counter tops were designed for these:

Image result for delta faucets

There was no way to make it work with the current counters because the holes didn’t match up. The separate pieces faucets cost $150+…That wasn’t going to work either! New countertops it is! Or so we thought. After measuring the counter tops to get sizes for the new ones, we quickly realized they were custom sizes….which means custom sized prices….EEK! So, we ripped out the cabinets and bought new vanities. Where do you stop the bleeding!?!?!?!!

So, all that to say that currently, we have no sinks in any bathroom because they are all being replaced. Also, a random sink in our laundry room that is waiting to be installed.

photo-dec-14-6-36-15-am photo-dec-14-6-37-27-am photo-dec-14-6-37-15-am

We are using the toilet in the half bathroom since the toilets are all removed to install the floors….and the sink in the kitchen. We are all sharing the shower in the master bathroom because the other shower is holding toilets…


We have no doors on anything because it makes installing floors easier…


Try telling a two year old that the solid wood door is not for playing because it will land on you and hurt you!!!

Because the master bedroom is getting new floors, we haven’t been able to move any of our stuff in. Evan and I are living out of bags out in the garage….the running joke at work this week is “at least you have clothes on!” because I cannot find ANYTHING.

Evan and I are sleeping on a mattress in the boy’s room because we can’t find the screws to the bed…we still have a ton of stuff at the other house that Sheri and I have to get out today.


We haven’t been able to organize the playroom because it is storage for all the doors


The stairs are a serious hazard….

photo-dec-14-6-36-29-am photo-dec-14-6-37-50-am

These bookshelves? Yea, they are holding all the stuff that needs to go to our room but can’t yet because the floors can’t be walked on.


Random boxes and carpeting in the middle of the room


I always forget this tidbit about moving….your kitchen ALWAYS looks like this until you get your stuff put away. No matter how hard you try, when you are doing any sort of project, the kitchen is a disaster.


We have random buckets of paint just waiting to be used….


And last but not least….I got the genius idea to try to install the dryer myself. Since the house is old, it still uses the three prong plug for the dryer instead of the four prong. Evan asked me to get a new plug while at Walmart, which I did. Once I got home, I decided I didn’t want to wait for him to get home from gymnastics to fix the plug…How hard could it be, she said. It’s just a simple cord, she said…. I got the screw driver out and removed the old plug. At this point, I thought it would be a good idea to make sure that the plug matched up to the outlet (WHAT?!). I took the plug and brought it up to the outlet. I didn’t even plug it in….just got a little too close and BAMMMMMMMM!!!! Sparks flew, there was a bright flash, I yelled, and dropped everything I was holding. I checked to make sure I was ok….I was, but the Carly I was wearing, not so much.


I promptly sent a picture to Sheri and Evan and the first response wasn’t OMG ARE YOU OK?! It was “OMG WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!” haha typical.


And, the plug…..


Word to the wise, folks. When you are working on electricity, don’t try to get an unattached plug near a live outlet….it’s similar to not keeping the prongs seperated on jumper cables after you hook them up on one side….it never ends well.


But hey, at least our floors look AWESOME! It sounds like we should be able to move our stuff in today….stay tuned for more pics soon!!!



Wow, thinking that living through renovations could be a breeze….that was ignorant of me. This is what it REALLY looks like….not what PINTEREST makes it look like. We are so used to the pretty “before and after” pictures…no one ever shares the real life “in the process” ones. So here ya go, my messy house for your full viewing pleasure!!!



House Update!!!

Hey there, lovely folks! The McMay’s here FINALLY have some good news about our housing update! WE ARE MOVING!!!!

Here’s the deal:

We were initially supposed to close last month, before Thanksgiving but due to a poorly informed real estate agent (not ours, of course) we had a few set backs. The agent left the inspection for the home on the MLS site which was then found by the appraiser. Since we were trying to go with an FHA loan, the appraiser was then requiring about $10,000 in repairs. We are eventually going to make these repairs after we moved in but were unwilling to do them until the house was ours….and the sellers wouldn’t do them. We are buying this house AS-IS, after all….it is a fixer upper!!!

Several of you have reached out and told us how much you love our blog and keeping up with our story! We LOVE to hear this so please feel free to drop us a line any time!

If you haven’t done so, follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get updates on our journey and updates whenever we post a new blog post!

On this blog, we plan to post about life with the McMays and our DIY projects we are completing on our TOTAL fixer upper house.

Below is what we are starting with!

Entry way to the house with formal dining room directly off of it. We plan to use this space for our office!

hr3867236-7 hr3867236-8 hr3867236-9


Pretty much needs gutted but we will wait on that for a bit!

hr3867236-10 hr3867236-12 1

Living room:

This and the backyard is what sold us on the house. I mean, LOOK at the mantle….and those cathedral ceilings! This room is even more grand in person!!!

So far, we have completely ripped up the carpet and flooring in the downstairs. Our tile guy is installing wood look tile in the whole downstairs living areas. You can see some progress below.


hr3867236-17   hr3867236-16 photo-dec-07-11-22-46-am

photo-dec-06-10-45-01-am photo-dec-07-11-43-52-am

Back of the living room has built ins.

hr3867236-18 hr3867236-20

Upstairs landing. This is the kiddos playroom….complete with a gun case. Maybe we need to get some Nerf rifles to put in there!!!


Outside of the house:

The backyard is what pretty much sold us on this home. The backyard is HUGE. The home is on a culdesac so the lot is massive. We love to be outside and so do our kids so we wanted a space we could all enjoy. I can’t WAIT for it to stop raining so we can get it all set up!!!

photo-dec-06-10-25-45-am-1 hr3867236-37 hr3867236-36 hr3867236-38photo-dec-06-11-12-25-am

Upstairs Jack and Jill type bathroom. Who puts carpeting under a toilet? That is just SICK!

photo-dec-06-8-51-49-pm photo-dec-06-8-53-18-pm


As many of you know, our dear Cooper is a fence jumper….We’re talking SIX FOOT fences, he just clears them…We need to make sure this thing is STURDY. Under all that ivy is a completely rotted fence. Mr. McMay cleared this out and redid the fence on that side. Gosh, we’re glad he is handy!

photo-dec-06-11-10-04-am-1 photo-dec-06-11-10-23-am

Look at all that flooring! Ready to be installed…oh and a close up of the super cool map!

photo-dec-06-8-54-01-pm photo-dec-06-11-05-04-am

Master Bedroom:

Again….CARPET in the baño?! We ripped all that out, too!

hr3867236-28 hr3867236-30 hr3867236-29 photo-dec-07-11-23-01-am

As y’all can see, we have our work cut out for us….Luckily, progress is being made! We hope to have some updates for you already by the end of the week!!!


Stay tuned!


Meet Little Luca

Meet the littlest McMay! Little Luca!

Born August 2, 2016 at a whopping 9 lbs he is the complete opposite of his brother, Matius.


Where these two differ in size, they share similar personality traits. They are both extremely laid back, go-with-the-flow, chill kids. Unless of course you are asking him to drink out of a bottle. Then, well…all bets are off!

20160804_173450 20160802_190105

Luca is definitely our “macho kid” we joke that he will be our football player and Matius will be our gymnast. He may be all boy but DANG this kid is beautiful.


People stop what they are doing at the grocery store to comment on his good looks and mild manner. He is so laid back. I am not trying to brag but I swear to you this kid never cries. Ok, ok. My babysitter would have a different story for you so I guess I should clarify. He never cries as long as he is being held or carried or pushed. As long as he is moving, he is happy!

Little Miss McMay just absolutely ADORES Luca. She plays little mama to both the boys but she LOVES Luca. She is all about picking out his outfits, feeding him a bottle, and changing his diapers (as long as it isn’t poopy!)

2016-09-03-11-01-55 2016-09-20-05-21-17 2016-09-17-15-11-11-1 2016-09-22-00-04-35 2016-09-20-23-23-04

Little Luca is a TOTAL mamas boy. Sheri watched the boys the other night so Mr. and Mrs. McMay could go see a show (Jersey Boys). She said Luca was restless and fussy until I got home. What can I say, these boys just love their mama!!!

2016-09-06-09-03-24 2016-10-29-17-24-53 2016-10-23-10-04-04-1

Luca abolutely ADORES his big brother. I’m fairly certain that he will be walking soon just so he can chase after and keep up with Matius!

2016-09-04-09-58-07 img_6791 2016-09-13-08-45-37

Oh, and Luca loves his Aunt Zizi, too!


Must not forget about Cooper here….the face slobbers must get licked daily. Cooper sure does love his babies!


So, because Luca likes to be held, this is a common occurence in our household. We take turns holding the baby and eating so we can all eat!

2016-10-16-01-42-10 2016-10-19-17-44-35

This kid has had great head and neck control since he came out of the womb. He is just super strong.


And did I mention how Dapper he is? Goodness! THOSE CHEEKS THOUGH!!!!


And he loves Leo too!

The smile on his face when he see Leo!!!


Luca is a side sleeper just like his mama and brother!


And can sleep just about anywhere! He’s been sleeping through the night since he was about 8 weeks old.

2016-10-29-13-36-13-1  2016-11-09-05-53-58


He loves sitting in his walker and yesterday, he pushed himself backwards and moved it about 6 inches. Not even kidding….and this kid isn’t even four months old yet. He’s also nearly outgrown the 6 month clothes….The problem I’m having is that this time of year after Matius was born he was barely wearing 3 month clothes….so all the stuff I saved is the wrong season! :-/ We make it work! Good thing I got jackets on sale at Oshkosh!!!


Luca loves to watch Matius play on the iPad!


And I shall leave you with this….boys will be boys! <3

Meet Mischief Maker Matius

Apologies- sorry for the delay in a new post…I’ve been putting this off. Mostly because I didn’t know HOW IN THE WORLD I was going to whittle this down. So, second apology….I’m sorry this is so long. This is the shortest I could do! I just love this kid so mucho!

Meet the Mischief Maker of the house. He is a sweet tea lovin, carbaholic, who only likes to go grocery shopping if he gets a donut, a bolillo (little loaf of bread), or gets to see PePe (the blow up parrot who was tragically murdered a few weeks ago…we told him PePe died….just didn’t go into the graphic slashing details. He’d be devastated. We’ll give him the real story when he’s older.) He loves fiercely, loves to give squeezes, and will only give kisses if he feels like it. With his infectious laugh and daring spirit, he is our STRONG WILLED CHILD. To anyone who says that a child cannot have already developed an opinion by the ripe age of TWO, I challenge you.

Mr. Matius Lee McMay was born September 9, 2014…even though he wasn’t due until October 11, 2014.

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Matius came into this world on his own terms and has not let us forget that the terms are his since then. If you care to read about his birth story, you can do so here: Birth Story

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Our parenting style with him has changed from “with an iron fist” to that of “negotiating with grace” (or choosing our battles). He needs to feel that he has a say. I wonder where he got this from because it couldn’t POSSIBLY have come from his mother….. 😉 Must be a first born child thing….

From the minute he was born, he had his mommy and daddy wrapped around his finger. But ultimately, he’s a true mamas boy. There is no one in this world quite like mama.

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He loves his mama and daddeeee sooo much but there are several other important people and things in his life. This is by NO means an exhaustive list. I do not mean to leave anyone out but if I named EVERY single important person in this kid’s life, we’d be here forever. So here are just a few:

Matius is a total animal lover! He loves his “puckies,” Riley, Cooper, Tinker Bell, and Hunter. First thing every morning, he wants to let them out of their crates. He is especially loving the little ones right now because they are his size. He and Cooper have a very serious love hate relationship. He loves him….until Cooper snatches his food….and then it’s World War THREE up in here!!!

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There are some really special and important men in Matius’ life. All grandfather figures 

This kid like SERIOUSLY LOVES our neighbor, Leo. As soon as we pull down our road he starts chanting “Leooooooooooooo” it’s just about the cutest thing ever. Leo is Matius’ Texas grandpa since both of his grandfathers live in Illinois (way too far away!)

Now, how does one win over a strong will child so completely? It’s simple….POPSICLES. The kid is a sugar fiend.


The next person is his PaPaw- Michala’s dad. Matius LOVES to call his PaPaw on video chat and talk to him on his way home from daycare.


And last but not least, we have Papa (confusing right?) 🙂 Matius sure loves him and thinks he’s the funniest guy around. He especially loves when we go to the beach!!!


There is not a section big enough for the next two. Uncle Roy and Aunt Zizi. (Roy and Elizabeth) My heart explodes thinking about the love between these three. It is incredibly. Matius was so tiny when he was first born and we were afraid to put him in daycare right away. So, Elizabeth watched him for the first three months of his little life. This is what started an incredibly beautiful relationship between these two. Eventually, she met Roy and Matius approved almost instantly. Roy had never even held a baby before Matius… 🙂  These two could turn this little guy’s worst day into the best day ever in just a matter of seconds. Matius especially loves when they play their guitars or piano or he can run around naked at their house and water the garden.


Next up we have Sheri aka Shedi and Auryana aka NANA. He immediately asks for Nana when I pick him up from daycare. And he loves to ask Shedi for things! 🙂 The love here is just incredible. Auryana and Matius definitely act like siblings already!

2016-07-12-19-49-54 2016-07-11-21-27-04

Oh, and this boy LOVES cheesing for the camera!!!

A few random things he loves:

  1. Swinging with mom and dad- what kid DOESN’T love this?


2. Stealing mama’s cup for a drink…even when he has his own!


3. Snapchat….enough said.


4. Bubbles! Even eating them!

5. Throwing Texas size tantrums….


6. Stuffed animals of any kind


7. Facetiming with Aunt Brenna and Uncle Tyler and their poochie, Gracie

8. Cooking- real cooking- he loves helping mama in the kitchen. And pretend cooking- dragging out all the pots and pans….


9. Ice Cream aka “IIIIICE”


10. Sleeping in the craziest places and positions….


11. Playing “Cowboy”

12. He’s an overall daredevil…

12. He’s STARTING to FINALLY want something to do with his little brother. He was pretty indifferent for a while.

2016-09-18-08-46-06-1 2016-09-13-08-45-25

13. BUC-EEEEEEES!!! He LOVES Buc-ee and all things related! @Buc-ees

2016-09-12-13-53-46 2016-09-12-13-44-36 2016-09-12-13-44-18

14. Having someone to play with. He LOVES other kids and truly has a heart of Gold.


15. Playing peek-a-boo wherever possible!

16. He’s obsessed with his “lankie” or “lanka” aka “Blanket”


17. and last but not least he fills our hearts to bursting more than I ever thought possible. He looks so sweet and peaceful…and grown in this picture. Now please excuse me while I go bawl my eyes out because I’ve realized how quickly my baby cakes is growing up. Cherish your babies, folks. They don’t keep for but a second.


Signing off,



Mrs. McMay

Meet Little Miss McMay aka Auryana Sassy Pants

Meet Auryana! Also known as Little Miss Sassy pants!!                           (here I will share a million-bazillion photos of her, because, WHY NOT? she’s my kid!)


Weighing in at just around 65 pounds at the bossy age of 9 1/2, she has more personality than any one child should have. She can’t always contain herself. Auryana loves to color, sing, dress up, and make video’s on and does not enjoying being rushed or told what to do. She moves at a turtle-pace on 95% of everything she does. Even still, she has her own style and is sure to be fashiony every single day….unless we’re in a hurry and then I just throw clothes at her and tell her to put them on (which she does NOT appreciate, but hey sometimes we gotta go!)



From day one, this child has had her own ideas without the ability to influence her thoughts. She resisted the nurses on the day she was born, played dead (possum) when we tried to feed or wake her from 1 week to 5 months, and would throw a HUGE fit (and fall back in it, literally) at the age of 2 when she couldn’t put on her own tennis shoes and tie them herself. -_- I believe children are born with a personality and some tend to show theirs earlier than others. As you can see below….


By age 1, she knew 3 colors well : red, yellow, and blue; red was her favorite (this was before discovering hot pink, of course.) I, as her mother, didn’t even get to pick out the decorations for her first birthday party. She knew EXACTLY what she wanted. Little Mermaid cake (Ariel has red hair), red plates, napkins, and utensils, red roses and red carnations, and of course vanilla ice cream (Blue Bell only for this southern lady). Yup that’s Miss Auryana, she does what she wants and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks….hmmm sounds like someone else I know (currently pointing the finger at the mirror).


Auryana loves her friends and has the biggest most generous heart I’ve ever seen in a little girl. She always makes sure her friends are taken care of. She likes to mother Matius and Luca when she’s with them, making sure they don’t get hurt and have whatever they need.

And no matter what popular belief tells you, this child is 100% my mother….


My mother on the left, Auryana on the right. 

She isn’t a big fan of working hard or waking up, but then who is, so it’s a constant battle to get this child to wake up and march! (figure of speech of course) With that being said, she can really be a lot of fun and entertainment. I need to find her old video’s where she’s creative dancing and performance singing. You will enjoy! I should probably also mention that she loves LuLaRoe almost as much as I do and even more so loves modeling it. I think I’ve said enough about my kid now, so I’ll give it a rest, for now…! 😉



A cute picture I know she won’t appreciate me sharing, since she’s asleep and didn’t have a say in me posting it! HA gotta love being a parent!

Signing off, Ms. McMay

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