Meet Mrs. McMay

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Well, hello there, folks! Welcome, welcome!

We are back with another installment of #RaisingtheCompound! ARE YOU READY?

DISCLAIMER******* I feel that I need to clear something up. A question was raised about the three adults’ relationship…. (HOW do I put emojis in a blog? This is where I would insert the cry laughing one!) With all the controversy in previous years surrounding compounds….We knew this question would come up so here’s the answer:

Evan and Michala are married and Sheri is just their best friend. There is no funny business going on there! You can all relax now! 🙂 

Yesterday we introduced you to the idea of the McMay family….today, we will start introducing you to each member! We’ll start with the boss lady since, you know, she owns this blog and all!  😉 (She’s really not the boss….she just likes to think she is….) Why am I talking in third person? Haha….that was weird.

Anyway, on to the important stuff:

In the McMay family:
Evan- Mr. McMay
Michala- Mrs. McMay
Sheri- Ms. McMay
Auryana- Miss. McMay
Matius- Midget McMay EDITED TO SAY Mischief Maker McMay….also known as Triple M….
Luca- Mini McMay

On today’s agenda- meet Mrs. McMay.

Here I am! Michala! Christian. Lover of Life. Wife to Evan. Mama to Matius and Luca. Quasi mama to Auryana. BFF to Sheri. Serial entrepreneur. Aspiring blogger. DIY junky. Pinterest ADDICT. Sewer (is that a word?). Vinyl lover. Teacher. LuLaRoe obsessed. Chef Extraordinaire!  Stella and Dot guru. Handywoman. Steering committee for my Mom’s group. Family C.F.O. 1/3 of the decision making team for this family.
Whew. That’s a lot of titles for one person.
To say that I have my hand in pretty much everything may be a complete understatement. I tend to over-commit myself to too many things.
I work full time as a business teacher in Katy ISD (suburb of Houston)
I own a LuLaRoe business that is booming! LOVE IT
Full time mama to two beautiful boys.
Trying to maintain SOMEWHAT of a clean house… (I am horrible at laundry…it’s my weakness)
I love grocery shopping…it’s like necessary retail therapy! I’m buying things we “need” ha.
And I LOVE cooking but just don’t usually have time for it….
I am a Midwestern girl (Originally from Champaign/Urbana area)  raising my kids to be southern gentlemen. I’m still learning the culture and ways of the Texas life but am adapting pretty quickly. I simply love Texas. I’ve always felt like Houston was my home….I felt called to come here (watch for another post on this at a later date!) I went to Eastern Illinois University for my Undergrad (Business Education) and Greenville College for my Master’s (Education- English as a Second Language)
My motivation for starting this blog:
I have always loved blogging. I have another blog- where I occasionally blog about thrifty projects and DIYs I have done.  I have blogged about a few LuLaRoe things there as well. But really, I’ve always thought it would be fun to just share life.
I’m a full and firm believer that you should do what works for you and not what everyone THINKS should work for you. I don’t read parenting books. I don’t read in to things too much. I take all advice with a grain of salt. In a nutshell, I do what works for me and my family first and foremost and then worry about everything else. If it isn’t easy and natural, IT’S GOT TO GO! 🙂 Breastfeeding, cloth diapering, baby wearing, etc. works for me. It is NOT for everyone though and I respect and understand that.
Without giving away too much of her story…back in April, after Daniel passed away, Sheri and I started thinking of ways she could make money to pay off her debt. As time went on and she started spending more time at our house the idea of a blog was thrown out there to chronicle the days in the life of us. We eventually talked about the idea of moving in together to help each other out. My LuLaRoe T.E.A.M. stands for Together Everyone Achieves More. This is truth. It takes a village to raise kids.  The idea just kind of bloomed from that and here we are.
I hope that this blog can be and inspiration for some….or even just some entertainment! We have big plans that we can’t wait to share with everyone.
Mrs. McMay (Michala)
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