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Some of you may have seen this post Sheri put on Facebook recently. This is her daughter, Auryana and my son, Matius. They are BFFs. 🙂 The idea for this blog started long before this picture but this last week, Sheri and I (we’re the brains of this operation) have really been discussing and working towards a reality that we want to make happen SOON.
So here we are! Welcome to our slice of the internet. Here, we will chronicle our life for your enjoyment. Everyone says we need a reality TV show….well, here is the next best thing until TLC decides to pick us up! 😉
You will see all sorts of funny out takes, stories, etc from our day to day lives…here’s the most recent….HAHA
We’re still working on the details but those of you who know me (Michala) know that I am a very open, real life person which is what we are planning for this blog. I mean, seriously. 3 adults, 3 kids, 4 dogs, balancing life, work, a home business…You don’t want to miss this! This will be 100% real life.
So what is up at the McMay’s house? (HAHA, get it?? McWhirter and May, McMay)
Basically, here’s what’s up:
How did the idea for the blog come about? Sheri and Auryana are ALWAYS at our house. Essentially….one day during dinner we realized someone pooped in the living room. Literally. Poop ON THE FLOOR. The joke became “ok guys, who pooped in the den!?” And that’s when we decided that our life is too fun to not share with y’all.
Why are we one big family? To make a long story short for the time being- Sheri’s hubby passed away in April leaving her and her daughter, Auryana. More on this story later but in order for us all to get in a better place, we’re all hoping to move in together. We are currently in the market for a house (we will blog about this too….) that we can all live in and make our own (again, more blog posts…) This is where the hashtags #sisterwives comes from. We always joke that Evan is Sheri’s other husband because he’s always questioning her financial purchases (usually involving LuLaRoe)
Who’s in the family? Evan and Michala and their two kids Matius and Luca plus their two dogs Riley and Cooper. Sheri and her daughter Auryana and their two dogs Tinkerbelle and Hunter.
  mcwhirters mays
 What do you do for a living? Well, currently, Evan works in IT, Michala is a teacher, Sheri is a proposal manager, the kids are….kids, and the dogs are DEMONS. I mean that in the sweetest sense….oh….and we sell LuLaRoe. It’s pretty much great.
That’s mostly it in a nutshell….
We plan to blog about our lives, our adventures, our shenanigans….Raising kids in an unconventional household (or is it really that unconventional? Because, let’s be real, there is no such thing as a “NORMAL” household.), etc.


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