House Hunting for The Compound

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House Hunting Excursion

We have spent the last several Saturdays looking at tons of houses. We have put offers in on a few… our house is STILL on the market.

After weeks and weeks of house hunting, we have finally settled on a house and our offer has been accepted. It’s somewhat of a fixer-upper, but lots of potential in a nice older neighborhood (lots of awesome trees and a huge yard!!!)



We actually put an offer in on this house a while back but it was about $30k below their asking price so they rejected it….they had another person go under contract and didn’t complete it. So we offered again at our original offer price and they accepted!!! It pays to be patient. We knew the house needed a lot of work so we were unwilling to pay close to market value since we wanted to have the extra money for repairs and updates. Our idols are Young House Love... we want to be like them when we grow up!!! We will be flipping this into our dream home just like they do on their blog!

Any who-

Be looking for lots of posts and updates to come as we Raise our compound!!!!

We will officially be opening the compound as soon as we move in (hopefully by the end of the month!) Stay tuned for our move date!

Also, our dogs have been introduced to each other. Now we have to introduce them to you!

Next post: Meet the McMay pooches….

I promise you won’t be disappointed by their cuteness!

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