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As I sit here, drinking wine, thinking about the day, I realize how incredibly blessed we are.

Sheri, Auryana, Luca, and Michala had a SUPER long day with two LuLaRoe parties.

Evan, Matius, and the dogs had a long day cleaning the house and getting ready for two showings.

Currently, Sheri is in the shower, Evan is playing video games, Luca is sleeping, and Matius and Auryana are playing.

Being 7 years apart, could be very difficult. And most kids at 9.5 years old would never want to play with a two year old. Those two seriously could play all day.

We had a LuLaRoe party at Katy Elite Volley Ball on Saturday morning. Then we headed to our friend Ashley’s house for another one. This was a shopping event for our Mom’s group (Arrow) at church.  Ashley sells Stella and Dot, Julianne was there selling Scentsy, Allison was there to promote her new non-profit. Several people from our church came to shop! Evan came with Matius and all our kiddos just ran around and played while we all shopped. It was truly a wonderful, great time. The weather was perfect, the wine delicious, and the kids…well….they’re still alive….just very dirty. 🙂

Tonight at dinner, while asking everyone what the high point and low point of their day was Auryana said “getting to play with new friends.” Those kids played hard! We were all so busy, no one got any pictures!

This girl has been through so much, it’s so great to hear that she had a good time.

Can’t wait for more fun times with friends.

I think the high/lows will be a new tradition for our family dinners at the McMay house!!!



Now I leave you with a video to brighten your day. I dare you to try not to laugh!!! 😀

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