The Day He Broke My Heart

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Waterworks Alert! Long read too…
Some of you have asked what brought us all together. Why do we have 1.5 families living under the same roof? Well I’ve decided to share the story (written by Sheri). Here’s how it goes.


Our love story starts out like any other…we met at the at the Houston Rodeo Chili Cook-off in 2012. By accident of course, but as fate would have it, there are no accidents. We crossed paths and immediately took interest in each other. We tried to play it cool and just be friends but that didn’t last long. We made our relationship official on April 21, 2012 over text message. LOL yeah real grown up weren’t we. Daniel was traveling to Philly for work. He did A/V and traveled a LOT. Sort of set the pace for our relationship, as he was out of town for most all of our milestones. It wasn’t long after we started dating that we were convinced we were total soul mates. We laughed hard, we played hard, we loved hard, and we never let a little fight separate us. Now don’t get me wrong, we definitely had our share of problems, but we always found love to overcome it all.


San Antonio 2012

To say that Daniel was anything less than a total bad ass, would just be incorrect. This man was such a wild child, but had a huge heart and truly cared about the people in his life. I’ve been told numerous stories about his work life where he always gave a helping hand and always worked his butt off and encouraged others. He was an amazing step-dad to my daughter and she truly loved him. He wasn’t perfect but he sure was perfect in my eyes. I could love that man for 1,000 years and beyond. Maybe even slightly obsessed with him, I just couldn’t get enough.

 Daniel and Auryana playing cards
Daniel doing Auryana’s hair 🙂

After nearly 3 years of dating, Daniel finally got his way on purchasing a motorcycle he had always wanted. A Honda CBR 600. The orange and black became his logo along with his own crazy hashtag #UgonLerm2day. You have to be a Kevin Hart fan to get the pun (u gon learn + Lerma), but totally appropriate if you knew Daniel. I can’t say enough about this man, and I don’t want to write a whole novel here, so I’ll just stick to the basics. We had an awesome relationship. We were open and honest and told each other things that most couples wouldn’t dare share with their significant other. He had his best friends, and I had mine, but we had this other level friendship that is completely unexplainable.

 After nearly 4 years of living together and figuring out this crazy life as a total power team, it all came to an excruciating halt. On April 6, 2016. The day started off like any other. We had a weekly date night while my daughter was in her gymnastics class, we would eat dinner together and chat about our future. He would tell me all his big plans for our wedding day, and tell me what he wanted to name his first born son…well he never actually came up with a name, but he would talk about it. We continued this date night for several weeks. On this particular week, we had our date night on Tuesday, and then Wednesday was usually bike night for the motorcycle guys (htownriderz). But for a few weeks they had changed their night to Thursdays so he was staying home Wednesday nights. This week on Thursday we had some plans, Auryana had to make up a missed gymnastics class, so this would be a second date night for the week. I figured he would go to bike night, but he insisted that we have a second date night. So he decided he would go riding with a few of the guys Wednesday night instead. I had to work late so he picked Auryana up and dinner and dropped her off at my work. (He came and picked up car up earlier that day and left his motorcycle parked outside of my office while he ran some errands and got her picked up). At 5pm he dropped her and dinner off at my office. He kissed me and told me he was going home to change and let Blue outside (Our pitbul furbaby) and would be home late. The time flew by as I worked busily and Auryana did homework. Around 7pm I finally took us home. Annoyed by the traffic, I noticed the road was blocked off in front of our neighborhood, so I had to detour to get home. I remember sending him a text about how annoyed I was. After finally getting home, I got us settled and Auryana was back to doing homework. I cant for the life of me figure out why in 4 hours I hadn’t heard from him and it never even occurred to me. We literally NEVER went more than an hour without a single text. We were big with checking in on each other, even when he was traveling or riding his motorcycle.

At 8:50 pm (CST) I sent him this text: “Hey babe I haven’t heard from you in like 4 hours, this is not like you, hope you’re okay, let me know”. 15 minutes later I got a knock on my door. The Sheriffs department. They were asking me questions about if I knew Daniel Lerma and how we were involved, I literally thought they were there on a warrant round-up (denial mode)…yeah he had a few of those (warrants). So I explained that this was our home together and he was my boyfriend of 4 years, etc. They found out I was home alone with my daughter (and I was in my pj’s) so they decided to inform me on my front porch that Daniel had been involved in an accident (at the entrance of my neighborhood). I asked if he was okay and they said “No ma’am I’m sorry, he passed away”. what the literal f*ck (shock mode)… At the moment those words hit my ears I felt like my spirit left my body. I dropped to the ground and felt light headed. My first thought was OH MY Gosh my life is forever changed, how the hell am I going to live without Daniel. When they told me I needed to call his mom (or drive to Katy to tell her) I was like ummm WHAT? okay (survival mode)… I called our best friend who had spent uncountable days/weekends with us in the last year instead. Once I got it out I called his mom, and I couldn’t even bare to tell her, but somehow I got it out. I stayed somewhere between survival mode and a total daze after that.

The next 3 days were a blur. Couldn’t hold down a single bite of food. Could hardly function. Lost 5 lbs. Didn’t shower or brush my teeth. The moment that came crashing down on me was when the medical examiner’s office told me to find a funeral home. My first thought was “WHAT the hell, 2 days ago we were discussing venues, and NOT for a freaking funeral”.
HtownRiderz last ride for Daniel 4.14.16

I haven’t been the same since that day, not surprising. I didn’t just lose my boyfriend, I lost my best friend, my soulmate, my other half, my stability, my sanity. I can never replace that in my life. I have to find a way to let new things enter my life, somehow, but it’s hard. No one will ever compare to Daniel, there literally isn’t another person who is as awesome as he.  Now what I’m left with are pictures, memories, a couple of material things, and a big hole in my heart.

Today, here I am, living a new life. Trying to be a better mom. Find myself again. Find a new direction. Somehow keep going, because in my mind, I have no other choice. Failure isn’t an option, dropping out of life isn’t an option. I’m sooooo thankful for the people in my life supporting me, and GOD, above all, for somehow keeping me in one piece.
Forever in my heart my love <3

Daniel Alejandro Lerma (Medellin) August 19, 1986 – April 6, 2016
Leaving you with his song from his memorial service:


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