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Hey there!

I cannot even begin to tell you how many “updates on the McMays” we have started writing and just never finished or posted. We are bad bloggers who hope to fix this….

Well, here we are with a new update. FINALLY!!! Don’t you worry, we plan to do this more often. We know lots of you are dying to hear about our adventures…and boy do we have them to share! We can’t wait to share them, just trying to figure out the best way! Tell us in the comments, do you prefer Video Logs (Vlogging), Blog Posts, Instragram (Instagram Stories, Posts, or IGTV?),  Facebook Live Videos or a combination of all the above? 

So…What exactly have we been up to?

Well, we have been living together for almost two years now (two years  in November-ish) We get A LOT of questions and comments from followers who want to know- “HOW’S IT GOING?” 

So, it’s about time we tell you how things have been going! 


Things are still going splendidly well! We honestly LOVE each other, our living arrangement, our house, our neighbors, our location, everything really….For those of you who don’t follow us on social media (why not???) This is not saying that we don’t have our struggles. I have a blog post planned for our struggles (to keep it real with you!) but we honestly try not to focus on the negatives….We recently announced that we have put our house on the market, bought an RV and plan to live in the RV full time….ALL OF US…..ONE RV……350ish square feet…..I can hear it now…you’re asking, ” 

You love your house….So why move?”

Well, we decided to sell our nearly 3,000 square foot house, bought a fifth wheel trailer and plan to downsize to get back to the basics of what really matters to us: our family and relationships. We went into this crazy McMay cohabitation adventure with that at the root of our decisions, too. We wanted to get back to what matters, spend more time with the people with love and truly enjoy being around. And turns out, 3,000 square feet of cleaning, laundry, toys, etc just doesn’t lend well to being able to DO as much as we would like. I, Michala, find myself telling the kids way too often “sorry, we can’t go to the museum because we have XXXXXXX to do. Maybe next week.” So how is the RV going to be different? Well, it’s about 10% of the size of our current house so WAAAAY less to clean. We’re also getting rid of about 90% of our stuff so there is less to keep up with. We also plan to spend a lot more time outside-  eating dinner, riding bikes, at the year round pool, etc. We also plan to spend the first year or so buckling down to get finances in tip-top shape, pay off student loans, buy a truck to pull our RV, and a few other things. 



WHYYYYYYYY are we doing this??? 

Well, here’s the thing…there are three main motivating factors:



  1. Simplifying Life (Sheri’s and Michala’s motivating factor)
  2. Financial (Evan’s motivation)
  3. and ultimately, Freedom from societal constraints and financial burdens (Everyone’s goal)



Our goal is to simplify life to free up finances so that we can live a life free from societal constraints. <I think I just created our mission statement here! 



What this means is: 

stop buying and spending money on the crap we don’t need so that we can have more to pay off student loans, save more money to have a larger safety net and pay cash for things like cars and our kids’ college, and to be able to have the freedom to travel and do the things that truly make us happy. 



None of us have felt truly settled since we moved.

We thought once we moved things would slow down…but they haven’t. It’s been a constant cycle of Wake up, make breakfast, everyone goes to work, feed kids, clean up after kids, entertain kids, try to clean house while kids play, make lunch, clean up messes kids made while you were cleaning, clean up new messes kids made while you were cleaning up their other messes. Repeat those last two steps for the remainder of the day until it’s time to cook dinner, baths, bed (eventually if they ever wind down!) And on the weekends, we’ve been spending all of our free time doing projects at our house….and then the garage door broke. And Evan and Brent fixed it. And then it broke again. And then we looked around at the amount of money we could potentially dump into a house and thought “What the heck are we doing this for? 

We spend sooooooooooooo much time cleaning this house that’s never clean. The kids have WAY TOO MUCH STUFF and they are overwhelmed with it all! We want to spend our weekends out doing fun things not cleaning up the crap we don’t really even need or care that much about.” We also noticed a completely over the top attachment to all material things in the little Miss and have been trying to break her of that. She literally wants to keep everything. The foam from Matius’ carseat ripped and I went to throw it away and ended up finding it in her room….she wanted to make squishies out of it. It just got to be too much. We have been placing value on a lot of material things and we want our kids to learn to enjoy the world around them and not be so focused on the materialistics.

Well, I tend to be a bit wordy so I will wrap this up, I just I wanted to clarify this for y’all! 

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