A McMay Update and Mrs. McMay’s Random Ramblings

Hey all! We have been behind on this little blog here. I know you are all chomping at the bit to hear more about how life is going.

We are just trucking along! We are moved in to our house now! Don’t ASK if everything is put away…if I wasn’t so embarrassed, I’d post a picture of our garage atm….it’s not ALL our fault though! The people we bought the house from didn’t clean out the attic above the garage…there was carpet and wallpaper left in there from the 70’s. Do you know what happens to wallpaper and carpet when it has been exposed to the elements for 40 years? IT CRUMBLES!!! We had a large mess.

Merging two households isn’t exactly easy because, well, you have two of everything. Two playrooms, two kitchens, two sets of just about everything. Trying to determine what to keep, what to pitch, and what to donate is tough!  I saw an idea on facebook that I REALLY liked. For an entire month, you get rid of the amount of items as the monthly date. So on March 1, you get rid of one item, on March 2, you get rid of two…so on and so forth. I want to try this. Quite frankly, we just have too much STUFF. It’s quite overwhelming.

You know what else is overwhelming? The amount of WASTE we create as a family. I really started to notice it when I began packing everyone’s lunches. We go through a box of 150 snack size bags…. A WEEK. Yes, A WEEK. That is a TON of waste! I am currently exploring alternatives as that is just not sustainable.

I found these REALLY cute little containers at Dollar Tree and I LOVE them. In an effort to be a bit healthier, we are packing our lunches. We have also cut out over-processed foods that Auryana was eating in her lunch (she swore she would only eat honey buns for a snack!) and have been trying to encourage healthier habits.  We are making great progress but she still comes home and tells us how much she disliked something! <I made Almond Strawberry Banana Milk based on a blog post I saw here. Yea, she hated it. Alas, we shall try again sometime- maybe not strawberry next time! But it sure was pretty! Anywho, back to the containers! I’m SO excited to share with you! I have a blog post planned to go in depth about my OBSESSION with the dollar store (Dollar Tree specifically) but I just couldn’t wait to share this!

So we have been using these for anything from raisins to salsa. I make a whole batch of blender salsa for the week and put it in these! They are FABULOUS!!! 10 of them for $1!!!! I bought a whole case of them I love them sooooo much! Super great for babyfood, too! Buy them here: Containers

This month has been a looooong short month! We’ve had some sick kiddos! And now Mr. and Mrs. are sick, too.

2017-02-04 09.40.00

We went to Sugarland to eat breakfast at this cute, tasty restaurant called Jupiters Pizza and Waffles (yummm)


^^^How cute are our kids?!  I know I am biased but….I mean come on now!

We checked out a new to us park that we hope to frequent this summer!!! Awesome exploration for the kiddos! Little Mr. was super tired and wasn’t feeling the park outing so he didn’t get any pictures taken.


Oh, and Matius LOVES to play dress up with Auryana but apparently when mom does it it’s far less than ok. 😛

Thanks for reading my Random Ramblings!

Hope you have a blessed day! Be back at ya soon with some fun stuff!





As I sit here, drinking wine, thinking about the day, I realize how incredibly blessed we are.

Sheri, Auryana, Luca, and Michala had a SUPER long day with two LuLaRoe parties.

Evan, Matius, and the dogs had a long day cleaning the house and getting ready for two showings.

Currently, Sheri is in the shower, Evan is playing video games, Luca is sleeping, and Matius and Auryana are playing.

Being 7 years apart, could be very difficult. And most kids at 9.5 years old would never want to play with a two year old. Those two seriously could play all day.

We had a LuLaRoe party at Katy Elite Volley Ball on Saturday morning. Then we headed to our friend Ashley’s house for another one. This was a shopping event for our Mom’s group (Arrow) at church.  Ashley sells Stella and Dot, Julianne was there selling Scentsy, Allison was there to promote her new non-profit. Several people from our church came to shop! Evan came with Matius and all our kiddos just ran around and played while we all shopped. It was truly a wonderful, great time. The weather was perfect, the wine delicious, and the kids…well….they’re still alive….just very dirty. 🙂

Tonight at dinner, while asking everyone what the high point and low point of their day was Auryana said “getting to play with new friends.” Those kids played hard! We were all so busy, no one got any pictures!

This girl has been through so much, it’s so great to hear that she had a good time.

Can’t wait for more fun times with friends.

I think the high/lows will be a new tradition for our family dinners at the McMay house!!!



Now I leave you with a video to brighten your day. I dare you to try not to laugh!!! 😀

A Typical Day with the McMay’s

What does a typical day with the McMay’s look like? Well some of you have been able to witness first-hand, but for those of you who have no idea, we decided to give you a little insight to our daily shenanigans. We shall start with a typical weekend day. Narrated by Sheri.

7:00 am alarm goes off


8:00 am- “Oh ASDFJLKASJDKFHALKSHFLJSGHADS we’re late!!” scrambles around to find clothes and wake up the kid. “AURYANA (while shaking her furiously because heaven knows NOTHING can wake this child) get up we’re late we have to be at Michala’s in 15 minutes (it’s a 12 minute drive..)!!!!!

Auryana– (upset fussing sounds, kicks and turns over and stay asleep)

As I rush around to throw myself together and literally pull Auryana out of the bed by her ankles, I’m FB group messaging Evan and Michala to wake UP! and of course i’m getting no response. and I used speak to text because who can text in a furry and instead of “wake up!!” I send “makeup!” but oh well no time to edit.

10 minutes later, I have no idea how (time must have stopped), we’re rushing out the door with shoes on (well at least one of us has A shoe on) and speeding up the highway to the McWhirter’s house. Letting ourselves in with the memorized door code, not even the dogs are barking. Yikes!

bang bang bang (on the bedroom door)

Michala: um yeah?

me: DUDE It’s 8:30 we have to be there in 30 minutes!

Michala: OMG my alarm didn’t go off!! Can you get Luca dressed?

We all rush around the house to dress the boys, feed the dogs and ourselves, and look alive (forget makeup, who has time for that?) Did I mention we’re all tired because we were up until 1am working on LuLaRoe inventory and pictures?

15 minutes later, somehow, everyone is fed, clothed, and loading up the car, just don’t ask how we smell! lol

Michala: Evan McWhirter do NOT leave the gun on top of the refrigerator, and I know it’s loaded! If the house shows today that’s not cool!

Evan: What’s the big deal, it’s out of reach and we’re in Texas now?!

Michala: That’s not the point, ugh whatever let’s gooooo!!!!

Matius: brief meltdown because he wants to mop the floor before we leave; we hand him a sucker instead and stick him in the car (#badmoms…? eh I’ve seen worse, I mean at least he ate his breakfast right?)

Everyone loaded in to 2 cars and both full to the brim with LuLaRoe containers, we head to our first destination, HOUSE HUNTING! oh yeah did I mention we have to look at 6+ houses before we do the LuLaRoe party. But our Realtor is awesome for getting up early and driving across town for us on Saturday morning, so we arrive with Starbucks for everyone!


I think we found our house

6 houses later, the men are now exhausted from listening to us ladies pick apart every house we see, but we have one to place an offer on, but for now, we’re off to someone’s house who is hosting an in home pop up party. After 45 minutes of set up we interact with friends and have a great time sharing our LLR addiction. By this time we’re starving and the kids are tired.

Load up the car and head out for a quick Chick Fil A run because the kids can play and be loud, and we can sit for at least 10 minutes and breathe! I carry Luca to the table and Auryana helps Matius in a chair. Then I hand Luca off to mama Michala who then whips out her boob so Luca can join the family for lunch. Don’t mind us over here! You can imagine the looks we’ve already received from people trying to mind their meals. Finally all sat down and, oh crap I forgot my drink, before I even ask, Evan graciously goes and fetches my drink and the other utensils we forgot to grab. Minutes later Michala hands Luca back over the table to me and I proceed to pat his little back and kiss his cheek that may or may not be wet with boob milk. Oh well. Evan helps Auryana open her ketchup, because no she hasn’t even started eating yet (remember I said she’s slooooooww). Finally fed, the kids go run and play for a bit and we discuss our the rest of our day.


We discuss dinner (yes at the lunch table, because food is life and we must plan our day around food) and agree on fajitas! homemade margarita’s too please! I’ll have a Dos with salt and lime, I can’t drink adult drinks. LOL Finally home and it’s like 5pm, don’t ask where the time went because we have no idea, we’re taking turns wiping faces and butts, cooking, cleaning off the dinner table, feeding the animals and getting them outside, and making our drinks (ok we made drinks first, of course we have to get relaxed).

After dinner Evan plays a little guitar hero for us while Auryana and Matius play with toys in the front room. It’s now 8pm, again don’t know where the time went. Michala and I are updating our inventory to reflect the items sold and taking turns bounce Luca back and forth because he wants to be held today. 🙂

Matius: Mommy, I go poohhp

Michala: You need to go poop? Okay go sit on your potty


Matius concentrating on the potty

Everything is going well and we go back to what we’re doing….shortly after we smell poop but don’t see Matius on the potty anymore…

Evan: ummm what is that? (point to an unidentified object on the floor in front of the TV console)

Me: ummm that looks like poop

Michala: (laughing histerically) MATIUSSSS did you poop?

Matius: Nope

And now we know….At least today we do…….WHO SHIT IN THE DEN?!

#whoshitintheden -which we’ve had to ask more than once….this was just the first.


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