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Home Renovation- the side no one shows you….

I’ve always heard people say that they would never LIVE through a home renovation again. I never really understood that until recently. I was all over here like “What’s the big deal? A few days worth of dust and not being able to use your stuff?” That’s no big deal!

This is how I feel about that today….


^I look like a train wreck because….well, read below!!!

So while DIY and home updates look fun, I’m here to tell you that they are anything but! They are well worth it in the end….but living it is another story

We are in the process of having our entire downstairs flooring redone. When we bought the house, it had carpet all throughout….Well, we have FOUR dogs. Carpet wasn’t going to fly. Mr. McMay and I had carpet in our house in Illinois and I spent every Sunday with my carpet cleaner because the dogs would pee on it…not cool. Literally, Riley would come in from outside and would pee. on. the. carpet. After that, I said no more…

On top of the flooring, it was in the inspection that all the faucets in all the bathrooms were leaking. That’s a fairly cheep inexpensive fix…. We bought faucets on black Friday for less than $25 each!   We got them home….and realized we had bought these:

Image result for delta faucets

And all of our counter tops were designed for these:

Image result for delta faucets

There was no way to make it work with the current counters because the holes didn’t match up. The separate pieces faucets cost $150+…That wasn’t going to work either! New countertops it is! Or so we thought. After measuring the counter tops to get sizes for the new ones, we quickly realized they were custom sizes….which means custom sized prices….EEK! So, we ripped out the cabinets and bought new vanities. Where do you stop the bleeding!?!?!?!!

So, all that to say that currently, we have no sinks in any bathroom because they are all being replaced. Also, a random sink in our laundry room that is waiting to be installed.

photo-dec-14-6-36-15-am photo-dec-14-6-37-27-am photo-dec-14-6-37-15-am

We are using the toilet in the half bathroom since the toilets are all removed to install the floors….and the sink in the kitchen. We are all sharing the shower in the master bathroom because the other shower is holding toilets…


We have no doors on anything because it makes installing floors easier…


Try telling a two year old that the solid wood door is not for playing because it will land on you and hurt you!!!

Because the master bedroom is getting new floors, we haven’t been able to move any of our stuff in. Evan and I are living out of bags out in the garage….the running joke at work this week is “at least you have clothes on!” because I cannot find ANYTHING.

Evan and I are sleeping on a mattress in the boy’s room because we can’t find the screws to the bed…we still have a ton of stuff at the other house that Sheri and I have to get out today.


We haven’t been able to organize the playroom because it is storage for all the doors


The stairs are a serious hazard….

photo-dec-14-6-36-29-am photo-dec-14-6-37-50-am

These bookshelves? Yea, they are holding all the stuff that needs to go to our room but can’t yet because the floors can’t be walked on.


Random boxes and carpeting in the middle of the room


I always forget this tidbit about moving….your kitchen ALWAYS looks like this until you get your stuff put away. No matter how hard you try, when you are doing any sort of project, the kitchen is a disaster.


We have random buckets of paint just waiting to be used….


And last but not least….I got the genius idea to try to install the dryer myself. Since the house is old, it still uses the three prong plug for the dryer instead of the four prong. Evan asked me to get a new plug while at Walmart, which I did. Once I got home, I decided I didn’t want to wait for him to get home from gymnastics to fix the plug…How hard could it be, she said. It’s just a simple cord, she said…. I got the screw driver out and removed the old plug. At this point, I thought it would be a good idea to make sure that the plug matched up to the outlet (WHAT?!). I took the plug and brought it up to the outlet. I didn’t even plug it in….just got a little too close and BAMMMMMMMM!!!! Sparks flew, there was a bright flash, I yelled, and dropped everything I was holding. I checked to make sure I was ok….I was, but the Carly I was wearing, not so much.


I promptly sent a picture to Sheri and Evan and the first response wasn’t OMG ARE YOU OK?! It was “OMG WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!” haha typical.


And, the plug…..


Word to the wise, folks. When you are working on electricity, don’t try to get an unattached plug near a live outlet….it’s similar to not keeping the prongs seperated on jumper cables after you hook them up on one side….it never ends well.


But hey, at least our floors look AWESOME! It sounds like we should be able to move our stuff in today….stay tuned for more pics soon!!!



Wow, thinking that living through renovations could be a breeze….that was ignorant of me. This is what it REALLY looks like….not what PINTEREST makes it look like. We are so used to the pretty “before and after” pictures…no one ever shares the real life “in the process” ones. So here ya go, my messy house for your full viewing pleasure!!!



House Hunting for The Compound

House Hunting Excursion

We have spent the last several Saturdays looking at tons of houses. We have put offers in on a few… our house is STILL on the market.

After weeks and weeks of house hunting, we have finally settled on a house and our offer has been accepted. It’s somewhat of a fixer-upper, but lots of potential in a nice older neighborhood (lots of awesome trees and a huge yard!!!)



We actually put an offer in on this house a while back but it was about $30k below their asking price so they rejected it….they had another person go under contract and didn’t complete it. So we offered again at our original offer price and they accepted!!! It pays to be patient. We knew the house needed a lot of work so we were unwilling to pay close to market value since we wanted to have the extra money for repairs and updates. Our idols are Young House Love... we want to be like them when we grow up!!! We will be flipping this into our dream home just like they do on their blog!

Any who-

Be looking for lots of posts and updates to come as we Raise our compound!!!!

We will officially be opening the compound as soon as we move in (hopefully by the end of the month!) Stay tuned for our move date!

Also, our dogs have been introduced to each other. Now we have to introduce them to you!

Next post: Meet the McMay pooches….

I promise you won’t be disappointed by their cuteness!

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